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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  February 15, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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was soft on terror. >> we're pursuing that war with vigor like never been seen before. we have eliminated 12 of the top 20 people. we have taken out 100 of their associates. we have sent them underground. they're in, fact, not able to do anything remotely like they were in the past. they are on the run. i don't know why where dick cheney has been. >> it's the mindset that concerns me, john. i think it's very important to go back and keep in mind the distinction between handling the events as criminal acts which is the way we did before 9/11 and then looking at 9/11 and saying this is not a criminal act, not when you destroy 16 acres of manhattan, killed 3,000 americans, blow a big hole in the pentagon, that's an act of war. >> it is an act of war, what took place. our objective is to make sure they pay the highest price possible for the inhumanity they visited upon our country.
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whatever forum is the best way to do that is what should be done. >> it is interesting. dick cheney ever since he's left office has been sort of -- you said cable catnip. attack the administration and then everybody would glum on to it. with joe biden, they have a counterbalance that at least some people say it was a draw or the administration came out on top. >> it was fascinating set of interviews and i noted that cheney revealed something of maybe what we'll hear in his book coming out in a year and that is the conflict happening now between cheney and the obama administration, first happened within the bush administration. and that there were real divisions. and cheney as we know now on the losing end of some of the very same debates. >> he called it a shootout in the roosevelt room and implied that gonzalez and rice, interesting back and forth about how to try these terrorist
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suspects. >> difficult issues being grappled with in the last administration and this one, too. afghanistan, a major offensive in the third day there. u.s. marines alongside afghan and nato forces pushing into the south. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, is a van that. officials in afghanistan say so far so good. on day three of the major operation, to drive the taliban out of the central taliban stronghold in helmand province in southern afghanistan. after meeting very little resistance in the opening hours of this operation, u.s. marines are now picking apart the taliban block by block as they're coming under heavier, sporadic and sometimes sniper gun fire but the biggest threat to the forces remains the deadly ieds and booby traps laid, hundreds of them, actually, laid
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for weeks and months prior to this assault. amazingly, so far, only two international isap foerszs killed in the offense so far. one american and one british soldier but there was a tragedy yesterday when two coalition rockets were fired, slammed into some private residences where 12 civilians were killed and the head of the operation general stan mckhrystal apologized for that today. one quick point, once the offensive is over, and the area secured, which officials say should take about seven to ten days, the area will be flooded with afghan civilian government officials in a n attempt to provide some kind of security and confidence in the afghan government to take over that region. savannah? >> thank you, jim. that government in a box.
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we'll delve more into it in a few minutes. let's stay overseas where secretary of state hillary clinton turned up the heat on iran today. traveling in the middle east, clinton warned that iran's military is consolidating its power. >> that is how we see it. we see that the government of iran, the supreme leader, the president, the parliament is being supplanted and iran is moving toward a military dictatorship. >> nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel in london monitoring this. so richard, now, suddenly, the u.s. government saying that the revolutionary guard that's in charge of iran? is that what she's saying? >> reporter: that is what she's saying is happening in iran that as the government of the country becomes increasingly bogged down in internal political disputes, arresting and trying to keep protesters off the streets, those protesters who claim that the government stole elections last june, that meanwhile, the
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republican guard, the revolutionary guards are coming out and are taking control. and that they're filling this power vacuum and this is part of an intensifying u.s. campaign to try and drive a wedge between the military and the people of iran with sanctions and probably with more sanctions to come. >> and richard, i'm sure you noted as we did that gym jones, national security adviser on one of the shows yesterday that said while the administration is not engineering the regime change but it will ma trigger regime change. what do you make of that? >> reporter: it is the first time hearing this administration speak so openly about regime change, wishing that it could happen. putting on the table the idea that if these sanctions are successful, perhaps it could lead to regime change. so we're definitely seeing a harder line coming from the obama administration. in the early months after the election, the obama
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administration didn't take a strong position in iran. the idea was to let the situation develop and see if the protests had momentum to topple the government and fairly clear after what happened particularly just a few days ago when that -- when a few hundred demonstrators came on to the streets and they were quickly suppressed by the -- in this case, the military regime. the revolutionary guard. that the protest movement without outside help is not going to topple the regime. >> interesting. that's a high bar i tell you for regime change, that's a very high bar. thank you very much, richard engel. we move to alabama where the story of a college professor accused of opening fire on the colleagues killing three has taken some new turns. authorities have added attempted murder charges to the capital murder charges already against amy bishop. bishop was arrested friday after she allegedly opened fire at a faculty meeting in alabama killing three professors and
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wounding two others. bishop shot and killed her own brother back in 1986. seth bishop's death was ruled an accident by massachusetts' police but the files connected to the case reportedly disappeared and not sitting well with the town's current police chief. >> i don't want to use the word "cover-up." i don't know the thought process of the police clehief at the ti. >> bishop and her husband james anderson was questioned in an attempted bombing in 1993. the home was searched after two pipe bombs was sent to a harvard profess professor's residence. they were cleared in that investigation. >> that is destined for a "law and order" episode. moving on. in haiti, more details of the man giving legal advice for ten americans jailed for child trafficking. they say he's a fugitive. nbc's mike tie bee following
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this story for us. mike, does that mean the fate of the ten americans in the hanz of the wrong guy? >> reporter: well, you know, who knows, chuck? this is a case with more x factors than a tic-tac-toe tournament. the big zest this guy, a self described lawyer, dominican. i say self described because it is not reported that he's a lawyer and went to law school and got a degree. the judge in the case had recommended last week that all ten of the missionaries freed pending completion of the investigation. he's spoken to the missionaries and the parents of the children they were trying to take out. orphans but the parents said to the judge that, yes, they wanted the children to go with the missionaries to have a chance at a better life. on that basis, the judge concluded at least by way of a recommendation, chuck, there was no criminal intent involved. now, introduce this character.
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jorge puello. his mother confirmed that in this child prostitution ring in el salvador and a question of whether or not any of the missionaries knew him prior to the case. there's no determination and still could be -- this isn't today, to release them to go back home or stay on the island essentially in house arrest. waiting for a decision from the judge. complicated case, chuck. >> yes, it is. thank you, mike. very messy. >> thanks so much. well, the weather continues to be a problem around this country. another snowstorm could affect more than a dozen states from the upper midwest to the deep south and look at the mess in kansas this weekend. dozens of drivers blamed slick conditions for two massive pileups in kansas. this one alone. involved 40 cars and trucks. michele grossman is tracking this latest winter storm for us this morning. what can we expect?
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>> hey there, savannah. yes, winter and tracking more snow. especially in the northeast where we had record amounts of snowfall. you can see me, this is an expansive storm from the upper midwest to the gulf coast states. rain down in the southeast. zooming in to the northeast here, we have lake-effect snowshowers right now and snow throughout the evening and overnight hours. washington, d.c. first. and then philadelphia and new york up to boston. generally one to three inches. this is a nuisance storm. nothing like the storms we have seen already this year and new york and philadelphia, one to three inches. boston, maybe a little bit more. washington, d.c., one to two inches. winter weather advisory in effect for new york city. 30 degrees right now in new york so certainly cold enough to make snow. 27 in philadelphia. 34 degrees in hartford. 28 degrees in washington so today sun giving way to clouds in new york city and the rain and snow developing in philadelphia and washington, d.c. so here we go.
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winter's in full effect. savannah? >> thank you, michele. i hope that forecast is correct. we'd like to only get one to two inches here. >> we are done. now to vancouver where they need snow. despite the smaller not so small glitch at the end of the opening ceremony friday night, the games are in full swing. the story is the surprising start by the americans. nbc's chris jansing joins us now. what medals get handed out snod. >> reporter: it is very exciting because we are waiting for the downhill and could be the return of bode miller. the question really srks how's the weather going to cooperate? we have had so much rain. the good news is the rain is ended. the temperature's still above freezing so we are going to keep our eye on that. and you were saying the americans have exceeded expectations. let's talk about kearney. not the favorite but took home
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the gold and americans also took the bronze with shannon bahrke. i sat down with both of them yesterday, ask them about the race. here's what hannah told me. >> i think all my skills and training came together at the exact right moment. and that's what's so tough about this sport. so many elements that go into a good mogul run. anything can happen on any day and it was my day. it came together for me. i had a good feeling about the day from the get-go and i skied the best run of my life. >> and the olympics are over for both of the ladies and going to have a good time, they told me. can we talk about the nor dick combined? you might not know what that is. not a big sport in the united states. ski jumping and cross country. there's a group of nor didic working to be 0 competitive. johnny flame won in the nordic
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combined. all three american men finished in the top ten so that's a huge leap. take a look at the medal board and see that the united states is ahead six medals including that one gold and the chance for another with miller today in the downhill, chuck. >> all right. usa, usa. >> chris, before you go, we sknt to ask -- vice president biden is there enjoying some events. tell us what you know about the motorcade accident yesterday and a couple of former olympians. >> peggy fleming. >> got me really nervous. >> yeah. peggy fleming, of course, the famous skater. a bobsled champion. the captain of the hockey team with the miracle on ice all were in joe biden's motorcade. not in the same suv with the vice president and they were rear ended and peggy fleming said they were thrown pretty hard and actually a doctor who was traveling with the motorcade
9:14 am
checked them out and took them to the hospital. they missed the hockey game where they were supposed to be at and then saw them in the stands for the ice skating so they're fine. just a little bit shaken up. the vice president was not involved this accident. they're investigating. may have been weather related. the roads still pretty slick last night. >> all right. chris jansing up early for news vancouver, thanks so much for the update. >> sure. well, coming up, the massive offensive now under way in afghanistan. it is the first real test of president obama's surge strategy. retished u.s. army general mccaffrey joins us live in the studio next. can you get rid of the deficit without raising taxes? we'll go inside that debate. as small businesses are busy reinventing the economy, small business owners have a lot of questions.
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in afghanistan, right now, the biggest offensive since the initial invasion nine years ago. and a major test of the president's new surge strategy there. >> with us now, barry mccaffrey, veteran of the vietnam war and on the board of directors of dyna corp. general, i want to start with a comment that general mckhrystal made to "the new york times." government in a box he called it is going to come in into marjah and set up shop and supposed to make this different from all over attempts in afghanistan. describe what a government in a box is.
9:19 am
>> probably good concepts and i'm sure -- they do have a package set-up. there's 1,500 afghan national police to come in. they have a lot of u.s. state department to try to make this happen. we ought to be a little bit skeptical about the ability of the afghan government now to deliver a package of services in a box. but the whole notion is that the tall getted on the taliban hit it is people and seeing the mari marines, nick carter, all trying to achieve that. in the coming months or longer i think is the time frame. >> not seven to ten days? >> no, no. >> interesting. >> what distinguishes this offensive from other efforts in the last nine years or so in afghanistan? >> well, one of the things is lacks surprise. i was very interested in watching the marines put this out on their website weeks ago, trying to encourage the people to get out of the area, i think they said, and hoping the taliban would start flipping and original e mates are 400 to 1,000 enemy fighters with 100
9:20 am
foreigners, chechens, arabs, that kind of things. i think they were hoping the taliban would take a hike and they did. >> first time afghan forces -- >> in these numbers. a couple battalions with the marines at the start. they paired up, put the infantry companies in marjah. very impressive operation to bypass the ieds. >> when we know how many taliban flipped? part of the strategy is this idea. >> safg a permanent flip. i mean, people make decisions day by day, how do i survive until tomorrow? foreign fighters probably stayed and marines accommodate them and being very professional and careful about this operation. they don't want to end up with a lot of u.s. casualties either. and they got very restrictive rules of engagement. >> right. the issue of, i mean, obviously
9:21 am
the u.s. will always make every effort not to hit civilians but explain why that's so important strategically, as well. beyond the basic human issues there. >> about a year ago i thought by complaining and an action report we were killing too many afghan civilians. not just novel to afghanistan. same thing in vietnam, as well. mccrystal said that the population is a center of gravity. you simply cannot -- it is unacceptable to kill civilian secretary of state they're making every effort now. we had an accident with the rocket which is unfortunate and apparently more than a dozen civilians have been killed and they're being -- >> restricted the use of the rocket now, right? >> a bunch of different kinds of munitions on this thing, marvelous weapon but some more aerial fire than point target and a couple veered off target and killed some people. >> very quickly, when will we
9:22 am
know if this is a successful mission? a month or a year? >> i would say step number one is a month from now. did we get all of them out of there without causing many civilian casualties or marine casualties, i might add? and there's army forces and brits involved in this and maybe a year from now, say are the roads open? are they still a dope processing center? >> right. >> is it a bomb-making lab story? >> my guess is i think it will work. >> general, thanks for being with us on a holiday. thoep see you soon. appreciate it. coming up, the man behind silent bob breaks his silence after getting booted off a southwest airlines plane. plus, congratulations to chuck culver. you have won the most uncoveted spot in the country. recidivism, a simple conception. serving time in prison, set free and commits a crime again. that is a recidivist. the word is used a lot in the
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liberty mutual.
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9:27 on the east coast. 6:27 in the west. here's some of the other stories we are following right now a. terrible accident in belgium. two trains collided head on and killed as many as 25 people there. no word on what caused that accident. some big wave enthusiasts got more action than they bargained at half moon bay, california. a dozen people were hurt after a massive wave swept spectators from the sea wall there. the film director kevin smith known for "clerks" among others booted from a southwest airlines flight over the weekend after the pilot allegedly told him he was too big for his seat. smith post add response on twitter saying, quote, i'm way fat but i'm not there yet.
9:27 am
that is a look at the news and decision 2010. >> i have to say, what is he doing flying southwest? i'm just saying. what are you doing on southwest? move over david paterson, a new poll has bad news for chet culver making him the most vulnerable sitting governor in the country. the approval late raiting is 26%, lower than any any iowa governor. worse news for culver, the sagging approval rating with the base. only 57% of democrats approve, down from september. iowa senator tom hark in's approval rating is steady. that invites a challenge and democrats in washington trying to push him out of the way. in head to head matchups with republicans, culver fare nos better particularly against the most likely foe, terry branstad
9:28 am
leading 53-33. iowa, an important swing state. don't be surprised if you see white house weigh in on the problems. moving on, harold ford may not have declared the candidacy but he is acting like someone running for office and taking on senator christin gillibrand at every turn and challenged ford after losing the tennessee senate rate in 2006 about the carpet bagger issues. >> do you pay taxes in new york? have you filed at least a partial return for the time spent there? >> absolutely. for the two first two years, we'll file as residents of new york. >> are you going do release how big your bonus was with merrill lynch and other tax return information so voters know? >> david, if i'm a candidate, i was in congress for ten years. i understand the disclosure. simple answer is yes. i'm not a candidate yet.
9:29 am
new york city and new york state depend heavy on wall street. i'll defend the biggest industry in the state. >> well, there you go. ford left washington and headed strigt albany for the black and puerto rican legislators' dinner last night saying i'm not running for anything, at least not yet and of course at the dinner, christin gillibrand. acting like an exploring candidate. a potential piece of good news for majority leader harry reid. the tea party of nevada has qualified as a third party after filing a certificate of existence with secretary of state. the party expected to field a candidate for senate, a principle of a company of tnt energy products and not yet declared. boosting the tea party's legitimacy in the state, sarah palin, former governor of alaska, of course, will be in reid's hometown next month for a kickoff party for the bus tour. i have to say, savannah, the
9:30 am
fact is if the tea party doesn't try to get involved in the republican party and does more of the third party efforts, that's how a harry reid with dismal approval ratings can survive in november. this is the type of news that the democrats have been hoping for. we'll see if this catches on beyond nevada. >> you are heading to las vegas. >> we are going vegas and colorado. the president's doing two -- big week for campaign '10 for him. two fund-raisers for vulnerable senators, colorado and las vegas. >> chuck going out west. i'll hold down the fort. special split edition on friday. next, a special presidents' day treat. everything you thought you knew about the past 44 commanders and the stuff you probably would have never, ever even guessed. we'll get into some of it. plus, what former vice president dick cheney has to say about the president's plan to repeal don't ask, don't tell. but first, today's trivia question. presidents' stay edition. which four presidents lived past 90 years old? the answer and more straight ahead on "the daily rundown."
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time now for the morning mash. in the cross network, vip showdown, former vp dick cheney slammed the obama's administration attempted bombing on christmas day saying that waterboarding should have been a possibility. >> afs big supporter of the waterboard and enhanced techniques. >> you opposed the actions of doing away with waterboarding? >> yes. >> that's dick cheney. i mean, thank god the last administration didn't listen to him at the end. >> okay. and former vice president cheney also weighed in on don't ask, don't tell. here's his response tie military, we're strong advocates of of don't ask, don't tell when i was secretary. i think things have changed since then. i see that don mellon, mike mellon, the chairman of the
9:35 am
joint chiefs of staffs has indicated his belief that we ought to support a change in the policy. so i think my guess is the policy will be changed. when the chiefs come forward and say, we think we can do it, then it strikes me that it's time to reconsider the policy and i think admiral mullen said that. >> that's one issue, san va that, differing from the republican critiques when admiral mullen including john mccain who said with the chiefs say will go and then backed away from that. kind of interesting. in honor of presidents' day, we are looking at the former presidents' place in history, literally and figuratively. here now historian richard norton smith. >> good morning. >> a contributor to c-span's book "who's buried in grant's tomb" just updated for the deaths of president reagan and ford. all right, richard. what holds the fascination to his presidential deaths?
9:36 am
tell us about their lives. >> well, that's a -- you're exactly right. what do they tell us about their lives? it tells you something about thomas jefferson with the tombstone, he didn't see fit to mention the fact he was third president of the united states. it tells you something about gerald ford that when planning his state funeral, he was absolutely insistent there not be a case on through the streets of washington. the fact srks you know, history for so many people become this is kind of numbing recital of treaties and battles. and here's a subject that's universal. t that humanizes the presidency and american history in the way that nothing else does. >> what fascinates me about presidents, former living ones have already been asked to design their funerals. >> they have. >> the government, right, the government asked them to go through with this now and i've heard, for instance, jim any karlter hasn't it done it and something that bothered some government planners. >> yeah.
9:37 am
it is more than that. the moment the president puts the hand down after the oath of office the folks at the military diss trikt of washington come up with a funeral plan and it will be revised many times depending on how long a president lives and as families get involved. we tend to forget, these are state occasion but they're family occasions, as well. >> all right. let's whip through something. >> we have trivia for you. some are fascinating. which president had such a fear of being buried alive that his will stipulated no burial until at least three days after his death? >> george washington. who wasn't afraid of many things but isn't that a universal and humanizing fear, the fear of being buried alive? >> which president had the grave site nearly broken into and reburied in a more secure tomb? >> abraham lincoln, 1856. probably figured everyone watching msnbc and made a near successful attempt.
9:38 am
>> this is one i think a lot of people know. which two presidents died on the same fourth of july. >> jefferson and john adams. >> they had finally become friends. >> they had become friends. they were friends and then enemies and then became friends and, boy, isn't that a lesson that today's politicians could learn from. >> absolutely. >> here's one off the beaten path. which path had a secret cancer operation aboard a boat that involved replacing the upper left jaw with a rubber prosthesis? >> that was grover cleveland and it was kept secret because they didn't want the stock market to find out. >> unbelievable. finally, i like this one. which two presidents are buried in the same cemetery? >> tri if he can that. hollywood cemetery. find monroe and john tyler along with jefferson davis. >> tell me. where are there -- which states has more presidents buried? >> virginia. virginia, ohio is second. >> presidential burial sites. well, i tell you, i know how i'm
9:39 am
spending my summer vacations. think i'm kidding, i'm not. the trivia question from richard. >> you can do this one. >> which four presidents lived past 90? >> oh, sure. john adams. >> right. >> herbert hoover, ronald reagan and gerald ford. >> right you are. this is the one time we ask our guest the trivia question and not unfair to do so. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. coming up, taxing questions for 2010. which party is winning the fight to reduce deficits? we'll go inside the debate with president of americans for tax reform. later on, headed live to vancouver for the wonderful world of the winter games. there's the music. courtesy of williegeist. but first, no super you at the white house because it's presidents' day and unlike us, some people are actually getting the day off. it's an empty white house mess. >> no soup for you. ♪
9:40 am
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in our daily flashback, 1989 the soviet union announced the last of the troops left afghanistan nearly ten years after it had invaded. hmm. what are we getting on? year nine of u.s. presence in afghanistan. deficit reduction is an issue both parties want to own but the debate on how to reduce the deficit with spending cuts or raising taxes or both is the question. >> candidates often make the case that raising taxes has to be off the table and count on the support of our next guest. thank you for being with us. can you be serious of deficit reduction and take raises taxes off the table? >> yeah. only be serious about reducing government spending without taxes on the table. if taxes on the table, a politician says, i could cut spending and fight the washington lobbyists or i could raise taxes.
9:44 am
instead of cutting spending. raising taxes are what you do instead of reducing spending. >> can't you do both? >> when? 1990. they had that big to do at andrews air force base. taxes were increased 125 billion and spending was increased 25 billion over the baseline. when nick reagan who you think who could police a deal better than rae day, promised $3 of restraint for taxes. they have never done a zeal -- saying it's not theory but the practice with the problem? >> it is fwhad theory, too. the problem is too much spending. it is not we don't raise taxes enough to pay for spending. spending's too high. bring spending down. >> how do you pay for the two wars if you don't even have the open -- open to the possibility of a temporary tax increase? >> by -- what they did when -- not fdr but truman entered
9:45 am
korea. cut spending 25% across the board. he said this is so important we are not going to do other things. if a war is not so important we can't cut other subsidies it is not very important, is it? if it's not more important than earmarks, then you really better think about why you're sending people to risk their lives. >> what do you think about the tax cuts like to 2001 and 2003 bush tax cuts not quote unquote paid for with offset snsz they added to the deficit. >> well, first of all, they were temporary. and only the second one was actually a pro-growth reduction in marginal tax cut that is cut the capital gains tax. that was actually very pro-goet and the government -- the economy grew such that revenues increased. if the economy grows after a tax cut, if it's well structured, the government will, unfortunately, get more money
9:46 am
out of that and those sorts of program pro-growth tax reductions do have the advantage. that's why we ended up with a surplus in the late '90s. you cut the capital gains tax tie deficit commission. >> yeah. >> that was voted on in the senate and had seven republican co-sponsors decide to vote against it. >> yeah. >> some had to do with the fact -- was it correct your organization -- you were going to rate it on the voting card as supporting the potential tax increase, is that correct? >> certainly. i called each senator and walked through what had happened. many misled. they thought it was like the base reduction and alignment commission. >> right. >> which eliminated bases. okay? military bases and saved tens of billions of dollars. they did it six, seven times. had the commission said, you could reduce unnecessary bases or raise taxes to pay for unnecessary bases, how many bases would have been shut down? almost none. so putting tax increases and
9:47 am
spending restraint together means you never get the spending restraint. there are good measures, brownback has one in the senate. mchenry from north carolina in the house. and gentleman from oklahoma in the house, as well. they have measures to reduce spending as a commission. not raise taxes. >> just endorsed john mccain in the primary. would he have earned your endorsement with that commission? >> it would have meant -- he's been a -- the reason i endorsed him he's a leader on saying spending is the problem. >> might not have been able to endorse him if he supported of the commission and continued with the support, might not have en able to support him? >> would have been problematic because that -- would be saying i can be fooled and at his age no one is allowed to be fooled in that way. >> thank you for your time this morning. hope you come back. >> sure. up next, we are headed live to vancouver for the preview of the day three of the winter
9:48 am
games. plus, what happened during friday's olympic caldron lighting? didn't quite go as planned. willie geist has the one on one with the great one, wayne gretzky.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
time now far olympic edition of the shallow end. chuck, loves the music. so exciting. the lighting in friday's opening ceremony, didn't go quite as planned. hockey great wayne gretzky got things back on track by lighting the caldron along the vancouver waterfront and then a bigger moment. willie geist. >> the bigger moment with willie geist, sitting down with the great one. willie joins us live from vancouver. i assume you did not ask about the phoenix coyotes. not allowed to ask about that or gambling. but you ask d ask him about what was it like standing there when you realized, oh my god, the
9:52 am
caldron ain't coming up. >> yeah. we talked about that, chuck. he was -- he said basically they had a little earpiece in and standing there waiting for this to come up and said they rehearsed it four or five times and worked perfectly every time and a little voice said stand there and smile. we have this under control. eventually the three of them came up. wayne gretzky, the great one, stood there and smiled and talked about what an honor for him to be a part of that ceremony. said he knew since october that he was going to be in this final group but didn't know until thursday nigts he was going to be the last one. here's a little bit of what he said when i talked to him. >> i was just so happy to be with those four people. being with rick and steve, of course, nancy green and katrina. we were just all thrilled to be part of that. when they told me to run down and jump in a truck and come down to light the caldron that's going to be outside, i was like, wow, this is pretty
9:53 am
overwhelming. pretty overpowering. >> amazing, guys. such an unassuming guy for being who he is in this country. the icon. just a total class and a very humble guy and he was genuinely overwhelmed by what happened here friday night. >> he did seem it. are you going to gate sbrir with the slam poet? >> with who? tie slam poet. >> i don't know. >> going to bring that beard back, apparently. >> yes, yes. >> saw him on youtube. i want more of this guy. tell me more about this guy. >> or you also -- you want the fiddling riverdancers which i thought were irish but apparently they're canadian, too. it was a very eccentric show. yeah, the slam poet guy was the star of the show. he is getting more bookings now. >> willie, how's it going for canada though? the chance for the gold on the moguls, looks so bad for your back. orthopedic surgeons should be
9:54 am
waiting at the bottom of the hill but the american won, hannah. she said it was a party in the usa. how's canada doing? >> it was a party in the usa and canada expected to win that event. supposed to be the coming out party. invested tens of millions of dollars in this own the podium program here wanting to win gold after gold after gold and lost that one and got jitters. the games supposed to belong to can za and finally, finally they got one last night so everybody can rest a little easy now in canada. they're off and running. >> a few people missing in the opening ceremonies, wlapd to brian boytona? >> he was nowhere to be seen. they went to throwback athletes although steve nash was in there, too. brian, not present. >> i felt like thank goodness for south park. it's taught a generation of americans about canadian history. just to see ann murray on the stage and why we're all
9:55 am
wondering, where's brian? >> the prism through which we see canada, "south park." can't be good for canada. >> thanks, willie. you do way too early at 2:30 local. how's that working? >> it's great. we roll in. jansing and i are pounding moulson tall boys all night and come on to the set and she is wobbly right here. >> i wouldn't touch that with a 3.2-meter pole tie metric system, don't get me started. >> you don't have to be sober. willie geist with the olympic report today, thank you so much. that is it for the daily rundown. next, david shuster. >> 1:00 p.m., andrea mitchell reports. >> see you tomorrow. i'm michele grossman with a look at the business traveler's
9:56 am
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9:59 am
stories following this morning. u.s.-led forces pushing deep sbeer a taliban stronghold in afghanistan. it is a major offensive meant to crush afghan insurgents. sit working? vice president joe biden and former vice president dick cheney made duelling appearances yesterday. the rhetoric about each other was harsh and feisty. >> he's factually, substantively wrong on the major criticisms he's asserting. >> so if they're going to take credit for it, fair enough. for what they have done. while they're there but it ought to go with the healthy dose of, thank you, george bush. >> so who won the sunday morning showdown? later, sarah palin keeps drawing crowds but only a handful of people advising her crafting the political image and some of the advisers are fairly controversial. we'll give you the rundown. plus drks you hear about the mess this morning in kansas? the weather so bad, more than 40 rs